Kick back, enjoy the music and have a good time

We’re proud to present Cocktail Bar, our new HTML5 Dice Game. This stylish game features a multi-tier picker bonus and a cashback feature: stay until midnight and drinks are on the house. What a deal!

The detailed graphics and calm color palette create a delicious combination. Observe the bartender change pose after returning from the bonus features!


Happy Hour Cashback Bonus

If the player doesn’t win from a game they are awarded a credit for the Happy Hour Cashback clock. After accumulating 30 credits, at the start of the next game, they first play the Happy Hour Cashback Bonus, which will award them either Mystery Games, or points for the ongoing game.

Cashback credits are tracked separately for each bet level, and the credits are added to their account, so they will be waiting when they return to the game another time.

Top Shelf Bonus is a multi-tier picker bonus the player is presented with a shelf of bottles, all with different point values. The bottles are shuffled and they pick one of the bottles. The values are revealed and the win is added to their cumulative bonus points, and a new set of bottles is shuffled and picked from. After the bonus game ends, the points they have accumulated are added to the main game score. There are bottles that award Mystery Games on shelves 4 and 5.


Game Features

  • Game client: HTML5
  • Game type: Dice placement
  • Bonus feature: Multi-tier picker & Cashback
  • Mystery games: Win Mystery Games from both bonus features
  • Stakes: 0.25–25 €
  • Jackpot: no
  • RTP: 96%
  • Extra feature: Options for background music: jazz, house or chillout radio channels.

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