Welcome to Bank Robbers 3S

The skill slot game where you are a bank robber doing a bank heist!


The game is set in the 70’s in a ‘Pulp Fiction’ style setting. The bank can be heisted in 2 ways, by triggering the Cashback Wheel and/or by launching the bonus game. For every lost game you save up a credit in the Cashback Wheel. When you have 40 credits the Cashback Wheel will spin at the start of the following game, granting you either points or Mystery Games(3-5)

Press start to begin the game. Your are presented a random column of 3 symbols. The symbols must be placed in one of the 3 boxes. Your objective is to get 3 of the same symbols in a horizontal or diagonal row.

Bonus game

Getting 3 bonus symbols on a winline will launch the main bonus game. You have breached the vault and now have to get the money out of the small money vaults. This is done by blowing up vaults until the bank director asks you to stop destroying his precious bank and makes you an offer to go away. It is up to you to decide to take the offer or continue in a bigger heist.

There are 20 vaults which all contain a fixed value of money depending on your stake, except one, the mystery vault. They mystery vault can contain 3 to 8 Mystery Games! During Mystery Games all prizes in the main game prize table become the maximum win, 100 × your stake! You need to reach the 100 point threshold to win. Mystery Games don’t affect cash prizes.

Game type

Dice placement

Game client




Bet range

€0.25 – €10

Jackpot in use


Special features

3 – 8 Mystery Games

Bonus features​

Breach the vault

Mobile availability

Yes (autodetect and optimize)