Welcome to Choco Deluxe

Match 3 golden pralines and dive into the delicious goodness of the box of chocolates bonus!


First, choose your BET and press START. Place the column of 3 random dice in the center of the play area into one of the four boxes.

The aim is to get 3 of the same dice in a horizontal or diagonal row.
A minimum of 100 points is needed to win.

Choco Bonus

Place three FOIL CHOCOLATE symbols on a winline to trigger the box of chocolates bonus. Pick your favourites and try to find the best ones! The bonus game can be triggered only once per box, but from up to four boxes in one game.

In the bonus game, you are presented with a box of chocolates with hidden values. Select a chocolate to revail its value.

The values hidden in the cocolates are either POINTS, LEVEL+, MYSTERY or COLLECT.
The box of chocolates bonus game always starts out with 80 points to build on. Each new chocolate revealed is immediately added to the total points count.
There are four bonus game levels, each of which has a different chocolate box with a unique wintable.

During Mystery Games all prizes in the main game prize table become the maximum win, 100 × your stake! You need to reach the 100 point threshold to win.

Game type

Dice placement

Game client




Bet range

€0.25 – €25

Jackpot in use

Yes, win one of three progressive jackpots when hitting the bonus game Jackpot sector

Special features

High stakes give extra Mystery Games

Bonus features

Multi-tier picker bonus

Mobile avalaibility

Yes (autodetect and optimize)