Welcome to Ghosts and Graves

Challenge the horror of the midnight graveyard to find your fortune in one of the many hidden coffins. Earn extra wins from the Blood Bonus!


First, choose your BET and press START. You are presented a random column of 3 dice. You must place those dice to one of the 4 boxes. Your objective is to get 3 of the same dice in a horizontal or diagonal row.
If you get 3 Bonus dice in a row, you will enter the Coffin Bonus.

A minimum of 100 points is needed to win.

Coffin bonus

In the Coffin Bonus your objective is to win as many points as possible, or to win Mystery Games. The Coffin Bonus presents you with 24 closed coffins. Hidden within each coffin is a value in points, or Mystery Games. The coffins will award you one of 7 different point values, from 100 to 1000 points, or 2-5 Mystery Games. Each possible win value is hidden within exactly 3 coffins in random locations.

To play the bonus, click on coffins one by one to open them. The bonus game ends when you have discovered 3 coffins with the same value.

The Blood Bonus awards you extra points when triggered. Blood is accumulated from every game played, and the bonus is triggered when the tube is full. The required blood amount depends on the stake level.

During Mystery Games all prizes in the main game prize table become the maximum win, 100 × your stake! You need to reach the 100 point threshold to win.

Game type

Dice placement

Game client

HTML5, Flash



Bet range

€0.25 – €50 (stake limit can be reduced)

Jackpot in use


Special features

1-5 Mystery Games

Bonus features

Multi-spin wheel of fortune

Mobile availability

Yes (autodetect and optimize)

Created by Myyntimaatio