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Meet Button, a hard-working farmer by day, a board game enthusiast by night!



First, choose your bet using the Stake button. Press START to start the game. Place the column of 3 random dice into one of the four boxes.


You gain points by placing 3 of the same dice in a horizontal or diagonal line. Rare dice give better rewards. See WINLINES & POINT TABLE on page 4 for more information.


A minimum of 100 points is needed to win. Combine multiple lines and boxes for even more points. See PRIZE TABLE & MULTIPLIERS on page 5 for more information.


Board Game Bonus

In this bonus feature you play a board game and throw dice to progress. Your dice are shown in the bottom bar and you start with 5 dice. The tiles of the board contain points, money prizes, mystery wins and rerolls.

After each dice throw that doesn’t result in a reroll, you can choose to accept that result or throw another die. After the last die is thrown, the result is accepted automatically. You can only accept one result.

During Mystery Games all prizes in the main game prize table become the maximum win, 100 × your stake! You need to reach the 100 point threshold to win. Mystery Games don’t affect cash prizes.

NOTE: You can only win the bonus game once from one box, but you can still win up to 4 bonus games per game.

Most sectors of the board contain a win, either money or points. The last sector win is 7 Mystery Games. There are two sectors that award a reroll. There are also 4 special WHEEL sectors, that award points or Mystery Games. Possible wins from the wheel sectors are:

Wheel 1: 100p, 150p, 200p, 250p, 1-6 Mystery Games

Wheel 2: 150p, 200p, 250p, 300p, 2-6 Mystery Games

Wheel 3: 100p, 200p, 300p, 400p, 2-6 Mystery Games

Wheel 4: 100p, 150p, 500p, 700p, 3-6 Mystery Games

Game type

Dice Placement

Game client




Bet Range

€0.25 – €10

Jackpot in use


Special features

1-6 Mystery Games

Bonus Features

Board game with accept/reject mechanic

Extra Features

Watch the scenery change from day to night

Mobile availability

Yes (autodetect and optimize)

Created by Myyntimaatio