Welcome to Keno Bingo +2 Extra Balls


Pick your lucky numbers, use the "+2 Extra Balls" feature to achieve even bigger wins and take home the Jackpot!


Pick your lucky numbers in this retro styled game and win based on how many of the drawn numbers match your picks.

Buy 2 Extra Balls for a chance to achieve an even bigger win. Get 10 out of 10 matches and take home over 100 000 € with the Progressive Jackpot!

Extra Balls for extra wins

When you win according to the paytable, you can choose to buy 2 Extra Balls to increase your chances of winning big. More balls, more wins!

The 2 Extra Balls cost the same as the initial stake.

Game Type


Game client




Bet Range

€0,50 – €5

Special features

Buy +2 Extra Balls to win even more

Mobile availability

Yes (autodetect and optimize)

Created by Myyntimaatio