Welcome to Super Lucky 7

Get lucky and hit those sevens, then multiply your luck in the Super Double or the Jackpot Bonus!


Select a bet and press Play in the bottom right corner to spin the reels.

When your win contains at least one wild SEVEN, you can double your winnings in the generous Super Double Feature.

Five wild SEVENS on a winline awards the Jackpot Bonus, where you’re guaranteed to win of the FOUR JACKPOTS!

Super Double Feature

When your win contains at least one wild SEVEN, you gain access to the Super Double gambling feature. You will be prompted to either double or collect your wins. You can collect your wins at any point during the Super Double feature. The doubling limit is 600 for the current bet level.

In the center of the screen you’ll see the back of a playing card. Guess whether the card is RED or BLACK, and if you guessed correctly, you double your wins. SEVENS ALWAYS WIN no matter what you guessed!

Jackpot bonus feature

The bonus presents you with the backs of 12 playing cards. On the face sides of the cards are symbols SPADES, HEARTS, CLUBS and DIAMONDS, representing each of the four Jackpots on the edges of the screen. Each symbol is on exactly three cards in random locations.

Click on the cards one by one, and turn them to reveal the suit of the card. The bonus game ends when you have discovered three cards with a matching suit, and you will be awarded with the Jackpot of that suit.

Game type

Dice placement

Game client




Bet range

€0.40 – €12.00



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Special features

Super Double Feature

Bonus features

12 random cards

Mobile availability


Created by Myyntimaatio