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Explore the city of Antwerp and discover the legend of Brabo


In Wheel of Antwerp, you can see several well known characteristics of the city. For example diamonds, the quay, the farmers tower. The bonus game is inspired on the legend of Brabo.

First, choose your BET and press START. Place the column of 3 random dice into one of the four boxes.
The aim is to get 3 of the same dice in a horizontal or diagonal row.
A minimum of 100 points is needed to win.
If you manage to form a line of three bonus symbols on a winline, you will enter the bonus game.

During Mystery Games all prizes in the main game prize table become the maximum win, 100 × your stake! You need to reach the 100 point threshold to win.

Wheel of Antwerp bonus game

Once up on a time the giant Antigoon lived on an island in the Schelde. Call captains that sailed the Schelde had to give half of their freight to the giant. If they refused, the giant cut off their right hand and threw it in the river. The hero Brabo killed the giant, cut off his hand and threw this in the Schelde like the giant did with his victims. The city Antwerp thanks his name to hand throw from Brabo and on the big market his statue is still there to admire.

At the start of the bonus game the wheel will turn automatically. When the wheel stops, the hand from Antigoon will stop on the value that you have won. If the hand stops on the section Mystery, the diamond in the middle of the wheel will show you the number of winning Mystery Games.

Game type

Dice placement

Game client




Bet range

€0.25 – €50 (stake limit can be reduced)

Jackpot in use

Yes, win one of three progressive jackpots when hitting the bonus game Jackpot sector

Special features

1-5 Mystery Games

Bonus features

Multi-spin wheel of fortune

Mobile availability

Yes (autodetect and optimize)

Created by Myyntimaatio